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Set Up Notification Settings to Receive Alerts

In order to receive alerts when your site is down, you need to configure your notification settings.


We prioritize your privacy and do not share your data with anyone. Your privacy is important to us.

1. Click on "Project Settings" in the left side pane.

2. Add your phone number in the following format: +65123123123

Format: +<country-code><your-actual-number>

3. For Telegram:

i. Create a new channel and open it. If you want to add alerts to an existing channel, go to that channel.
ii. Add the @EasyStartupBot to the channel.
iii. Copy the chat ID presented to you and paste it in the Telegram box in "Project Settings".
iv. Click on "SEND TEST NOTIFICATION" to verify if the Telegram setup is complete.

Now you have completed the basic setup. If your website goes down, you will receive a call/SMS based on your selected options, as well as a message in your Telegram channel.


Ensure that your Telegram notifications, particularly for the channel you set up, is not set to silent/muted. Otherwise, you will not be alerted if something is wrong with your site.

Let's move on to the next step!

To learn more about setting up various integrations, please refer to the Integrations section.