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Web Vitals

Why do we need to monitor web vitals?

Just having your website up and running is not enough in todays world, it is important to understand the experience that is being delivered to the users, to understand this we can look at some performance metrics to analyze and then make changes accordingly so that our end users have an enhanced experience.

We use an open source tool Lighthouse to generate these metrics. Lighthouse Github Link.

Let's start with the score indexes

Performance Index

This index calculates the value based on the weighted average of the below audit. This score is based out of 100 and the higher the performance index the better it is.

First Contentful Pain10%
Speed Index10%
Largest Contentful Paint25%
Time to Interactive10%
Total Blocking Time30%
Cumulative Layout Shift15%

For more details about the performance index please visit Performance Scoring

Speed index

Speed Index measures how quickly content is visually displayed during page load.

For more details about the performance index please visit Speed Index Scoring

Additional Resources

To understand all the metrics in great depth you can head over to Web Vitals.