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Email 📧

To contact us you can email us anytime from your registered email at .

Please do not be shy and send as many images as possible, text and every valueable information explaining your issue and use case to help us debug and respond to your queries faster.

Live Chat 💬

If we are online we will reply instantly on the live chat, else you can expect a slightly delayed response. To start a live chat conversation you can click on Support/Contact Us present in your left navigation pane and then in the bottom right part of the screen you will find the chat widget. You can send image text and as much information to help us debug issues and attend your queries faster.

Support chat

Cancelling your subscription 😭

We are really sorry currently there is no automated way to cancel your subscription. We agree that the exit process should also be as seamless as the onboarding process. We are working on getting it automated perfectly.

For now you will have to just send us a message on the above support channels Email (from your registered email) or Live Chat to cancel your subscription and we will cancel your subscription. We would also love it if you could explain to us why you did not like our services (we also respect your privacy and understand if you do not want to tell us the reasons).

Do not worry, if the the next monthly or annual subscription gets charged due to our mistake of subscription not getting cancelled on time, we will refund your money back to you.

For any queries do not hesitate to ping us. We want the best for you. (Yes we also have a hidden agenda, we want you to be happy so that you might come back to us in the future 😉.)